The Most Interesting Quotes And Vocabulary From Emily In Paris Season 3

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Quotes From Emily In Paris Season 3

Every now and then, Netflix makes us save a date in our calendars to watch a new bomb show or a new season of an already-loved story. Finally, on December 21st, 2022, we got what we had been waiting for so long. Emily in Paris season 3 premiered and made us travel to magnificent Paris again. However, it gave us new episodes of our favorite story and a chance to learn English and improve our skills through what we love. So, let's watch Emily in Paris season 3 and level your English with the list of the most useful words from the TV show created by the Promova language learning platform. 

Why Promova Recommends Learning English With Season 3 Of Emily In Paris 

TV shows are a perfect tool for learning foreign languages, especially English. Why? Because as an international language, English evolves all the time, you need to stay up to date with all the natural structures and modern slang that people use these days. And TV shows are one the best language learning sources that can help you to achieve your goals in English. However, finding the right piece of entertainment content that will match your English level and help you improve your skills instead of being stuck on the same page might be tricky. 

So, today, the language learning platform Promova suggests you binge-watch Emily In Paris season 3. This Netflix original series is perfect even for pre-intermediate English learners because of the simple sentence structures, vocabulary, and various accents. 

The show tells us a story about an American marketing specialist who came to Paris to work for a French company that deals with luxury brands. Season 3 of Emily In Paris focuses on Emily's complicated relationships with her friends, crushes, and her work ups and downs. Don't worry, we will try not to make any spoilers about the new season finale of Emily In Paris. For English learners, the most important in season 3, Emily in Paris, is the language that makes the series so helpful. 

While watching season 3 of Emily in Paris, you can benefit from several things:

- Emily's American accent and her boyfriend's Alfie British accent;

- Foreign accents of other characters who successfully acquired patterns of English pronunciation – their speech is clear and well-articulated;

- Easy-to-follow sentence structures and simple grammar;

- Intermediate vocabulary with splashes of more advanced words and phrases;

- Vivid quotes that help to memorize natural sentence building and new vocabulary. 

Once you finish working on Emily In Paris season 3, you can move on to other TV shows for English learners. We've also made vocabulary lists from such series as The Crown season 5 and Wednesday. Moreover, the language learning platform Promova always has your back when learning English through TV shows. On our app, you can find a unique course in English with TV series, where you can learn vocabulary from some of the most iconic TV shows of all time, such as Friends, Desperate Housewives, The Simpsons, Gossip Girl, and Office. Also, you can sign up for individual tutoring with certified English teachers on the Promova platform. They will help you to improve your well-rounded English skills with a personalized learning plan.

The Most Vibrant Quotes From Season 3 Of Emily In Paris

What makes a good TV show a great one is quoting. If you can quote characters, that means they are true to life and teach you some wisdom. Even though Emily In Paris season 3 stands out with a bubbly atmosphere, many of Emily In Paris quotes stay rent-free in our minds after watching the show. Here are some of them. 

"Not choosing is still a choice." – Alfie 

"Take the time to live." – Gabriel 

"I am so tired of apologizing for who I am." – Mindy 

"I'm not asking for a pony, but a little gratitude would be nice." – Grégory Duprée 

"True elegance is found in simplicity." – Louis de Léon  

"I'm as nice as I need to be." – Gigi

"The only baguettes I'm interested in are diamonds." – Sylvie 

"I'll give it to Paris. Even when you have a bad day, the city is looking great." – Emily 

"It's funny how you become the things you hate." – Madeline 

"That's the thing about your generation, Emily—not a shred of mystery. The whole world knows where you are all the time." – Sylvie 

"It's nice to talk to someone you don't have to explain yourself to." – Mindy 

"Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends." – Antoine 

"Sorry, but I'm nobody's second choice." - Alfie

Vocabulary To Memorize From Emily In Paris Season 3

As we mentioned before, Emily In Paris season 3 is filled with simple vocabulary that you can hear in English-speaking countries daily. However, there still are enough words and phrases that can become a significant contribution to your expanding lexicon. Let's learn them episode by episode.

Episode 1 I Have Two Lovers

In the first episode of Emily In Paris, season 3, Emily has to confess to Madeline and quit her job to start working with Sylvie and her new agency. Simultaneously, she must figure out how to maintain a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Alfie. 


A butt dial – an accidental phone call made when a cell phone is in your pants

It must be a butt dial. 

To see off – to watch someone leave or send them away

Everyone wants to see you off. 

To bite in the ass – to backfire on you or cause problems later on

I made one romantic decision, and it bit me in the ass. 

Splashy – impressive that attracts attention

You want a splashy client to announce your company. 


To elevate – to raise to a higher status or position

It's time to elevate Madison Lavaux to the next level. 

A drop in the bucket – a tiny amount

You'll be making so much money our standard fee will be a drop in the bucket. 

To hook someone – to attract someone's attention to make them do what you need

I think we've hooked them. 

To wrap around the finger – to make someone do effortlessly what you need

You've got that chef wrapped around your finger. 

Call 'em like I see 'em – to describe someone or something in a way you think is right

I just call 'em like I see 'em. 

To tee up – to make someone ready for actions

Everybody's going to want this, but it's all tee'd up for you. 

To play the field – to have several romantic or sexual interests at the same time

Playing the field?

To condemn – to sentence

He believed humans are condemned to make choices to define themselves in an absurd world with no rules. 

To pull on someone – to fool someone with a trick

You're not going to pull a Chinese idol on us?

Something is on someone – a person is going to pay for something

Drinks on us tonight. 

To toy – to consider casually

I've toyed with the idea of expanding to mass markets, but it's risky to grow and still maintain our independence. 

To sit on something – to delay dealing with something to think about it

I said I need to sit on it. 

Episode 2 What's It All About…

Emily tries to keep her job at Savoir since it didn't work out with Sylvie. However, she needs to find new clients to help the company stay on the market. On top of that, Emily is trying to cope with her breakup with Alfie, who went to London. 


Single-handed – with no help, by yourself

I'm single-handed holding down the fort at Savoir. 

To busk – to perform in the streets

Mindy, you should be playing at the jazz club, not busking on the streets of Paris. 

Cautionary – containing a warning

Oh, glad I could be your cautionary tale. 


To slam – to prison

Sorry, just slammed with a new job. 

Head in the game – to pay attention and actively participate in something

I need you to get your head in the game. 

Long-standing - continued

I have a long-standing relationship with Sylvie

To pick up the hints – to understand what someone is indirectly suggesting or saying

I was picking up the hints that you and I weren't on the same page. 

To leave someone hanging – to keep someone waiting for your answer

I put myself out there, and you left me hanging. 

To emulate – to imitate

I can't even begin to emulate it. 

To throw a lifeline – to help

I'm throwing you a lifeline. 

Episode 3 Coo D'etat

In 3rd episode of 3rd season Emily In Paris, the main character returns with her boyfriend and decides to stay in Paris, although she has just quit and has no job. Gabriel makes a romantic gesture for Camille. And Mindy continues being iconic on stage. 


At ease – relaxed 

I just look at him with his shirt unbuttoned down to his navel, and I just feel at ease. 

Posh – elegant, upper-class

This place is posh. 

To smoke someone out – to make someone leave a secret spot

I'll smoke them out. 

To sugar-coat – to make something or someone look better than it is

I don't know how I'm going to sugar-coat that news to the Gilbert Group on my Zoom call this afternoon. 

To curdle – to go bad

I think my breast milk is curdling. 

To vacate – to leave

We are vacating this office. 

A rot – a corruption

I came to Paris to uncover the rot. 

Episode 4 Live From Paris, It's Emily Cooper

Emily plays a tourist in Paris as she has nothing else to do. Camille is preparing a new exhibition with a perspective artist. 


A grind – a hard, dull work

A cog – a wheel 

I've been there, trapped by the corporate grind, just another cog in the machine. 

An apron – a piece of clothing that people wear when cooking to protect their outfit

Where do you keep your aprons?

Rapid-fire – full speed

Exhilarating – thrilling 

It's like a rapid-fire to-do list. It's exhilarating. 

To bounce something off – to tell someone about something to get their opinion

To be one call away – to be available

If you guys want to bounce any ideas off of me, I'm just a phone call away. 

To mull something over – to think carefully

It's just an idea, mull it over. 

To be cut out to – to be suited to do something

I'm not cut out to be a waitress. 

Ulterior – intentionally hidden

Sylvie, believe it or not, I don't have an ulterior motive. 


Jam-packed – full of something

Emily, a jam-packed schedule is the worst way to be unemployed. 

Red tape – official regulations, rules, or processes that might be unnecessary and cause delay

I'm drowning in red tape. 

Episode 5 Ooo La La Liste

In this episode of season 3 of Emily In Paris, the new Sylvie's agency finally opens. Emily is trying to help her become a part of a very important list in a magazine. Alfie throws a party at his new place, where Camille gets caught kissing her new artist. 


Stuffy – lacking fresh air 

It's getting a little stuffy in here. 


To eat what you kill - a business model where partner's pay is based on what they personally do for the company

You eat what you kill. 

Kindred – similar 

There is a kindred spirit. 

To regale – to entertain with talk

Has Emily been regaling you with her Chicago stories?

A resurgence – a renewal

He's having quite a resurgence. 

To credit someone – to admit and praise that someone did something good

He often credits you for inspiring his latest chapter. 

To shut out – to exclude

Your parents shut you out. 

Episode 6 Ex-en-Provence

The marketing squad and their partners go to a beautiful Provence chateau for a luxury car event. Camille spends some time with her new crush in Greece, and Gabriel has no idea about it. 


A tie in – connection 

I love a local tie in. 


To cut off – to disconnect

So, he just cut you off?

To go toe to toe – to fight or compete with someone fiercely

We desperately needed someone willing to go toe to toe with Antoine and rein in his extravagant tendencies. 

Episode 7 How to Lose a Designer in 10 Days

Emily and the whole marketing agency go through a major designer disaster. Then, Mindy goes on a date with her school crush. 


Subversive – disruptive 

They're beautifully constructed, subversive, and, you know, bondage is totally dominating runways right now. 

To keep something under wraps – to keep something a secret

You're really keeping that one under wraps. 

To take the wheel – to take control of something

Pierre's insecurities can certainly take the wheel, but just be patient with him. 

A gist – the main subject

I get the gist. 


To push a needle – to make a noticeable change

I don't think that Air France wanted to push a needle this far. 

Ghastly – terrible 

Isn't it ghastly?

Notorious – well-known for something bad

One of them told me this is a notorious hook-up spot. 

To be into someone – to have a romantic interest in someone

I have no idea if you are even into me. 

A spectacle - refers to a remarkable or attention-grabbing display or event, often notable for its visual impact or unusual nature.

It took every ounce of willpower not to make a spectacle of myself. 

To rein-check on something – to reschedule 

We can rein-check on a drink. 

Episode 8 Fashion Victim

In episode 9, Mindy starts dating her new rich boyfriend, who can't stand Emily. Gabriel confesses his feeling to Emily when he thinks Camille is going to break up with him.  


To use a friend – to need the support of a friend

I could use a friend right now. 

Washed-up – unsuccessful 

I'm not some washed-up designer. 

Episode 9 Love Is in the Air

Emily is looking for a couple who is getting engaged for her new campaign. And it turns out that Gabriel will ask Camille to marry him. Alfie comes back to Paris. 


To yammer on – to talk foolishly 

I can't believe you let me yammer on about Alfie like that. 

To give a heads-up – to let someone know that something is going to happen

I should've given you a heads-up, but it just all spiraled out of control so fast. 

Down the road – in the future 

Travel down the road and back again

A tagline – a catchphrase 

That could be our tagline. 


To be one foot in, one foot out – to not be able to be serious and dedicated to something or someone 

With respect, you have been a little "one foot in, one foot out" with him. 

To bargain – to negotiate 

A leverage – the ability to influence people in the way you need 

Totally fabricated for bargaining leverage?


Episode 10 Charade

In this episode, Gabriel tries to get a Michelin star for his restaurant. Everybody goes to Gabriel and Camille's engagement party. But, of course, everything goes out of control. 


To piggyback off – to use something as a starting point 

I was just piggybacking off of your brilliant idea. 

A no-show – a person who didn't arrive

I guess Mindy is a no-show. 


To be shrouded in mystery – to have very little information about something or someone 

You know, the whole process is shrouded in mystery, and every Michelin inspector is anonymous. 

Discreet – hidden

But I can be discreet

To keep your feet on the ground – to be sensible and practical 

Keep your feet on the ground, Emily.


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Thank you for your question! Yes, the quotes from Season 3 offer various insights and life lessons. For example, the quote "The only rule about love is that there are no rules" encourages viewers to embrace the unpredictability of love and relationships. Another quote, "Dreams do come true in Paris, you just have to be prepared to work really, really hard," emphasizes the importance of perseverance and hard work in achieving one's goals and aspirations. These quotes can serve as inspiration and motivation for viewers in their own lives.
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Do the quotes from Emily in Paris Season 3 offer any insights or life lessons that viewers can apply to their own lives?