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Bad Rap


A bad rap is an unfair or undeserved reputation.


1. The artist had a bad rap for being too controversial for the radio.

2. Her dating history earned her a bad rap from her friends.

3. Unfortunately, the business got a bad rap after the scandal.

Bad Rep


Incorrect usage of 'bad rap.'


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Learn similar and opposite words to spot the difference



Bad Rap

1. Unfavorable reputation

2. Unenviable notoriety

3. Poor press

4. Detrimental image

5. Discreditable reputation

1. Good Reputation

2. Positive Feedback

3. Complimentary Criticism

4. Acclaim

5. High Praise

Bad Rep

This word doesn't exist, so there are no synonyms for it.

This word doesn't exist, so there are no antonyms for it.

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Bad Rap", "Bad Rep".

1. Bad rap typically refers to a negative reputation of somebody or something.

2. Bad rep is a common mistake, although 'rep' is a literal shortening of 'reputation.'

3. Always remember that in this phrase everything goes against rules and 'bad rap' will be the correct for 'bad reputation.'

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Frequently asked questions

In what situations should the first word be used?

'Bad rap' should be used when referring to an unjust criticism or a negative reputation that is undeserved. For example, if a certain group is wrongly stereotyped, they might be said to get a 'bad rap.'

When is the appropriate context for using the second word?

'Bad rep' is a colloquial contraction of 'bad reputation.' It's appropriate to use when discussing someone or something that has an unfavorable public image or standing, whether deserved or not. For instance, a company with poor customer service might have a 'bad rep.'

Do the two words share the same pronunciation?

No, they don't share the same pronunciation. 'Rap' rhymes with 'cap,' whereas 'rep' is a short form of 'reputation' and rhymes with 'step.'

What are some common mistakes people make when using these words?

A common mistake is interchanging them. Some might use 'bad rep' when they mean 'bad rap,' referring to undeserved criticism. Conversely, using 'bad rap' when talking about a general negative reputation, regardless of its fairness, can also be a mistake. Context matters for correct usage.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. Many misunderstood animals, like sharks, often get a _____ because of media portrayal.

2. Despite being a stellar student, because of one mistake, she received a _____ in school.

3. The city, while beautiful, has a _____ for being unsafe, but its largely exaggerated.

4. People often give broccoli a _____, but its really nutritious and can be delicious when prepared right.

5. That actor seems to have a _____ because of a role he played years ago, but in real life, hes quite different.

6. Do you think electric cars deserve the _____ they sometimes get?

1. bad rap

Explanation: The sentence talks about the reputation of sharks based on media portrayal. The phrase bad rap refers to an unfair or undeserved reputation.

2. bad rap

Explanation: In this context, the students reputation is being discussed. Bad rap is the right choice as it signifies an undeserved reputation.

3. bad rap

Explanation: The citys safety reputation is being highlighted. Bad rap is used to show that the reputation may be exaggerated or undeserved.

4. bad rap

Explanation: The sentence describes broccolis reputation in terms of its taste or appeal. Bad rap indicates that this negative reputation may be unfair.

5. bad rap

Explanation: The actors reputation stemming from a past role is discussed. Using bad rap denotes the unfairness of this reputation based on just one role.

6. bad rap

Explanation: The reputation of electric cars is in question. Bad rap suggests that the criticism or negativity they receive might be undeserved.

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