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'there' is used as a noun to refer to a place that is distant in the past, present, or future. It is often used to indicate someone or something the speaker cannot identify. For example, 'over there' would imply the speaker does not know the exact location of the object or person they are referring to. Additionally, 'there' can be used to express agreement with a suggestion, point someone out as a choice, or signify the existence of someone or something.

1. 'My house is just over there.'

2. 'My brother moves there for work next month.'

3. 'What’s happening there today?'

The most common mistake with the word when used as a noun is to use the indefinite article with it, as doing so would turn it into something like a pronoun. For instance, saying 'Let’s go to a there' makes no sense.


'there' can function as a pronoun, especially in existential sentences where it introduces the existence or presence of something. When used in this way, 'there' doesn't refer to a specific location, but rather to the existence of something.

There is a cat on the porch.

There are three apples in the basket.

There seems to be a problem with the engine.

There were no signs of forced entry.

There will be consequences for your actions.

in each of these examples, 'there' introduces the existence or presence of something. It's important to note that the verb that follows 'there' (is, are, seems, were, will be) agrees in number with the noun that comes after it, not with 'there' itself.


the word ‘there’ functions as an adverb to indicate direction or location in relation to the speaker. It is used to express things that were closer or farther away from where the speaker is presently located. When used in this way, it can usually be replaced by words such as ‘here’ or ‘over there’, depending on the context.

1. 'I can see the jets flying there.'

2. 'She pointed there and said it was her dream house.'

3. 'I heard someone laughing there just now.'

It is important to note that when used as an adverb, ‘there’ should not be followed by a preposition. For instance, saying 'I saw something over there' is incorrect. The correct phrase would be 'I saw something there.'

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