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abhor is a verb that expresses a strong feeling of deathly repugnance. It means to have a strong feeling of dispise and detestation for someone or something.

'I can't believe she said that; I abhor her narrow-mindedness.'

'He abhors swimming, so he won't take part in the race.'

'Given the way he's acted, I find it hard to even be in his presence; I truly abhor him.'

when using the verb abhor, it's best to avoid any connotation of physical violence, as it is not meant to be a term of violence, but rather of strong emotional detest and repugnance. It is also important to remember that abhor is used to describe a strong emotion, so it should be used in situations when a strong feeling of detestation is felt. Additionally, due to the strong emotions expressed by this verb, it should generally be used sparingly.

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