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above refersto being superior in quality, rank, or privilege. For example, the news outlet could be considered above its competitors because of its prestigious reputation. Lastly, above can describe a situation in which someone surpasses someone else in capabilities or performance. For example, a student might be considered to be far above his/her peers in terms of academic skill or knowledge.

1. Call someone above.

2. Pick one of the above.

Above should always be used to compare two different things in terms of position, quality, rank, or capabilities. Additionally, it can be used to describe the action of surpassing someone else, which should be noted in sentences.


as a preposition, 'above' indicates that something is at a higher level than something else. It can also be used to indicate more than a particular number, amount, or grade.

'Above' can be used to show that one thing is at a higher level than another. It can also indicate that something exceeds a particular number, amount, or grade.

The birds were flying above the trees.

Children above the age of 12 can watch this movie.

Her performance was above average.

When 'above' is used as a preposition, it often implies not just a higher position but also a kind of separation between the objects being compared. Be cautious not to use 'above' when 'over' would be more appropriate. For example, 'The plane flew over the city' is generally more appropriate than 'The plane flew above the city,' unless you want to emphasize a great height.


as an adverb, 'above' is used to describe a location or position that is higher in level or layer. It often indicates that something is located at a higher point vertically.

'Above' can be used to indicate that something is located higher up, often in a vertical sense.

The helicopter hovered above.

Look above and you'll see the stars.

The temperature soared above.

When 'above' is used as an adverb, it often emphasizes the idea of superiority or higher position. 'Above' as an adverb is usually more specific in indicating a higher vertical position compared to words like 'over.'

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