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abstinence is a noun that means the practice of refraining from indulging in something (most typically a food or beverage, although it can also refer to sexuality). It can also refer to the condition of not allowing oneself to indulge in something. It is often taken on for religious or health reasons.

abstinence is usually an intentional action, meaning that it is done consciously and willingly with a particular purpose in mind. Abstinence is generally used to refer to refraining from a specific type of activity or item, such as curbing an unhealthy appetite for something.

1. She practices abstinence from alcohol in order to remain healthy.

2. The priest preached abstinence as a means of spiritual guidance.

3. Our family has a policy of abstinence from unhealthy foods as part of our lifestyle.

abstinence is not the same as abstinence from fear. While abstinence typically refers to actively refraining from something, abstaining from fear is the practice of facing fear and feelings of anxiety in order to move forward despite the presence of fear. It is also important to note that abstinence is typically practiced willingly, and should not be confused with similar words such as 'abjure' or 'abnegation' which often refer to actively avoiding something.

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