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accept is a verb that pertains to the act of consenting to receive or undertake something.

accept, when referring to one person's receiving of something from another, should always take a direct object following it (e.g. She accepted his offer, The company accepted his proposal). Accept should never be used in a reflexive form, as it does not have a reflexive pronoun as its object (e.g. She accepted himself, He accepted myself). Accept can be used with or without a preposition (e.g. Can you accept of my offer? He accepted to the job offer).

1. We cannot accept your request for a pay raise this year.

2. I accepted his offer of free dinner in exchange for my help.

3. The team accepted the challenge of winning the game.

Accept is commonly confused with other similar words. Be careful not to accidentally use ‘except’, which has an entirely different meaning. Additionally, keep in mind that accept is an intransitive verb and requires an object to follow it.

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