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The preposition 'across' implies movement or extension in a linear fashion, typically from one side to another.

it is e used to denote time, distance, or even the spread of something from one point to another, whether it be physical objects, knowledge, or even the effects of a virus.

1. 'She decided to walk across the street.'

2. 'Space and time stretched across the universe.'

3. 'The virus spread rapidly across the globe.'

When using 'across' as a preposition, remember that it implies movement in a linear fashion. Furthermore, it should typically be followed by a noun, as demonstrated by the example sentences above.


as an adverb, 'across' describes movement from one side to the other side of a space in a straight line. It can also indicate a position or location on the opposite side of a specific area.

Indicating Movement. 'Across' can be used to show movement from one side to another. Describing Position. It can also describe a location or position on the opposite side of a particular space.

The cat ran across.

My friend lives just across; you can see his house from here.

When 'across' is used as an adverb, it often implies a relatively short distance or a clear, direct path from one side to another. 'Across' as an adverb is often used without a specified location following it, as the location or space being referred to is usually understood from the context.

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