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the adjective 'acute' can be used to describe a condition or sensation that is intense or in a severe state. Its meanings come from the Latin term acutus, which means sharp. An acute condition is intense, and it often refers to a specific time frame in which the condition is short-lived, either quickly diminishing, or quickly becoming worse. Its usage in the medical context often refers to an illness, injury, or pain that has a rapid onset and requires timely treatment.

Generally, 'acute' is used to modify nouns associated with an intense or severe condition, describing a sudden or transitory onset rather than a lasting state of being.

1. After experiencing an acute bout of pain, Jenna went to the hospital for a checkup.

2. My aunt has an acute allergy to pollen, so she tries to avoid being outside when the pollen count is high.

3. The force of the crash caused an acute injury to the passenger's shoulder.

because of its medical context, 'acute' is often misused to mean chronic, which is an ongoing state of being. It is important to never use 'acute' to describe a lasting condition, as it will drastically change the meaning of the sentence.

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