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an adversary can be used to describe an enemy, opponent, or rival. In any of these contexts, the subject is described as being in opposition to another party, whether in the situation of a conflict or a competition. The noun form of 'adversary' is often used as a way to add a sense of gravitas to a situation, suggesting a level of confrontation between parties.

1. 'The United States has many political adversaries around the world.'

2. 'The quarterback awaited his adversary on the playingfield.'

3. 'He had to face his most formidable adversary yet.'

keep in mind that while the noun form is fairly unambiguous in its meaning, the context of 'adversary' can carry a wide range of connotations depending on the situation. For instance, in certain political contexts 'adversary' can be an extremely charged term implying aggression or hostility.


adversary can also be used as an adjective to describe something as hostile, opposing, or contrary. In this form, the word typically refers to conflicting, opposing forces or ideas.

1. 'The two political groups engaged in an adversary debate on the topic.'

2. 'The students had to address an adversary issue in the class.'

while the adjective form of 'adversary' can result in a sentence with poetic quality, it is not commonly used in day to day discourse. This should be taken into account when using the word as an descriptor to ensure you not inadvertently create a tone or atmosphere of seriousness.

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