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again is a word used to express the repetition of an action or a phrase, often to emphasize the fact that one is doing something more than once. It is also used to indicate a comparison between something in the past and something in the present. For example, one might say 'I did it again' to emphasize the fact that they did something many times or one might say 'It was like that again' to emphasize the fact that something is similar to something that happened before.

1. 'I tried again and again and finally succeeded.'

2. 'It was raining again today.'

3. 'I ran again today and felt better than ever.'

Again can also be used in many idioms such as 'over again' and 'time and again'. It can also be used to describe a situation that is repeated, such as 'the same old thing again.' Common mistakes include using again in contexts in which it does not make sense, such as in phrasal verbs (e.g. 'I take away again').

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