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when used as a noun, age typically refers to the length of time that something or someone has existed, or the stage in life that a person has reached.

Age is usually preceded by a number (e.g. 'He is 15 years of age'). Age can refer to the time period of a particular event (e.g. 'The age of exploration'). When referring to objects, age is usually used in regards to its condition or durability (e.g. 'This furniture is antique in age').

1. At what age do children begin school?

2. She is now of an age to understand the situation.

3. This building is two hundred years of age.

Age is often used as an adjective (e.g. 'This is an age-old tradition'), but when used as a noun it should be preceded by a number or followed by a phrase such as 'of age.' When discussing the age of a person, be sure to use respectful language and avoid referring to them in numerical terms. Instead of saying 'She is 40 years old,' you could say 'She is in her forties'.


as a verb, 'age' means to grow older or cause to grow older. It can also refer to the process of something undergoing change over time, often in the context of maturation or deterioration.

Wine ages well if stored properly. (Intransitive Use)

As he aged, he became more patient and wise. (Intransitive Use)

They age the whiskey in oak barrels for several years. (Transitive Use)

The sun can age your skin prematurely. (Transitive Use)

The term 'aging' can be used as the present participle (e.g., 'The aging process can be slowed with proper care.') or as a gerund (e.g., 'Aging is a natural part of life.').

'Age' as a verb can refer to both the natural process of growing older and the intentional process of letting something mature or develop over time, as in the case of wine, cheese, or wood. It's essential to differentiate between 'age' as a noun and as a verb based on the context.

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