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the verb form of 'allowed' has several definitions. Primarily, it means to allow or permit something, such as 'The teacher allowed us to have a five-minute break.' It can also mean to authorize someone to do something, such as 'The board has allowed him to pursue his research.' Additionally, it can be used to describe something not being forbidden by a certain rule or law, such as 'Gambling is allowed in this state.'

the simple present and past tenses are commonly used when using 'allowed' in the verb form. It is also important to note that 'allowed' can have an archaic meaning of 'lacked' or 'was without,' as in 'The woman allowed a husband.'

1. The referee allowed the goal to stand.

2. They haven't allowed us to enter the building.

When using 'allowed' in the verb form, remember that it always has an object. The object should be the direct thing being allowed, not the indirect recipient of permission. For example, one should say 'She allowed me to enter the building,' not 'She allowed me enter the building.' Additionally, make sure that the subject of the sentence is the one who is doing the allowing; otherwise, it is incorrect to use 'allowed.'

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