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allure is a noun which refers to the power of something to attract, entice, or ensnare someone. This something can be physical, such as a beautiful face, or something more abstract, such as the idea of a higher standard of living. Allure is often used to describe an irresistible appeal that sets something apart from the mundane or ordinary.

allure is used in cases when the attractiveness of something is so strong that it enchants or captivates a person or an audience. It has often been used in literature and the arts to describe a certain inclination towards a person, thing or concept.

1. The singer's allure drew the audience in, and it seemed as if they would never leave the theatre.

2. The allure of Hollywood and its star system always seemed like such an exciting prospect to him.

3. She tried to ignore the allure of the sweet treats in the bakery window.

allure can also be used to describe a situation or a quality that makes someone feel excited or attracted to something. However, it should not be used to suggest a dangerous attractiveness. Instead, it should be used to reinforce the idea of an inviting or enticing pull. For instance, it would be wrong to refer to a dangerous illegal substances as having an allure, but proper to say that an exotic beach vacation has a certain allure.


as a verb, 'allure' means to attract or tempt by something flattering or desirable.

'allure' can be used in various contexts where something or someone is being drawn in or tempted by an attractive quality or aspect.

The promise of adventure allured many to the wild frontier.

The city's vibrant nightlife allures tourists from all over the world.

The idea of easy money has allured countless individuals into risky ventures.

'Allure' as a verb is less commonly used than its noun form. The noun 'allure' refers to the attractive quality itself.

Synonyms for the verb 'allure' include 'entice,' 'tempt,' and 'attract.'

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