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an ancient is a person who lived in an ancient civilization. Ancient refers to a time many years ago, usually considered to be a time when knowledge and learning flourished. It often refers to the period of time before written records.

1. Scholars have studied artifacts from ancients.

2. The bones of ancients were found in Egypt.


ancient is an adjective that describes something that existed very long ago, namely in the distant past. It is often used to refer to something from a specific ancient era or civilization.

1. This ancient vase was discovered in China.

2. The ancient ruins were believed to have been built in 500 BC.

3. Ancient history can be seen in the artifacts discovered in the ruins.

ancient is usually used as a descriptive word to refer to something from a certain era or civilization, and can also be used to refer to something that existed long ago. It is an absolute term, which means that nothing can be more ancient or the most ancient.

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