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as a noun, 'answer' refers to a thing said, written, or done to deal with or as a reaction to a question, statement, or situation.

I didn't know the answer to the teacher's question.

The answer to our transportation problem was the new metro system.

He sent a letter, but I haven't received an answer yet.


as a verb, 'answer' means to respond to a question or statement, either by speaking, writing, or doing something.

the verb 'answer' can be both transitive (taking a direct object) and intransitive (not requiring a direct object). It can be used in various contexts, from responding to a question to meeting a need or requirement.

Can you answer the phone?

She answered that she was feeling better.

The new policy answers the need for stricter safety measures.

when using 'answer' as a verb meaning 'to respond to,' it can be followed by a direct object (e.g., 'answer the question') or a clause (e.g., 'answer that...'). 'Answer' can also mean 'to be equivalent to' or 'to solve,' as in 'This tool answers our needs' or 'The key answered the locked door.' A common mistake is using 'answer' redundantly, as in 'answer back.' In most contexts, simply 'answer' is sufficient.

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