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antithesis is a noun that refers to the direct opposite, contrast, or opposition of something. In rhetoric, it is used to create emphasis and show extremes. It is often used in literature and film to emphasize a point and increase the dramatic effect. Its most basic role and function is simply to create contrast or emphasize differences.

The most common use case for the word antithesis is when referring to two different things that are set in stark contrast with one another.

1. 'Love is an ideal thing, but it cannot be the guiding principle of life; instead, it must be tempered with reality. This is the antithesis of escapism.'

2. 'The contrasting terms of order and chaos served as the antithesis of each other in this novel.'

3. 'The antithesis of conservative values is revolutionary thinking; one seeks to maintain the status quo while the other seeks to upend it.'

When using antithesis, be sure to emphasize the meaning and significance of the contrast. Additionally, when creating an antithesis, avoid using two terms that are too similar in meaning, as the contrast cannot properly be highlighted. Finally, the two terms do not have to be opposites, but can also be two items that can co-exist.

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