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'anywhere' is an adverb that indicates that there is no constraint or limitation regarding where something is happening or located.

'anywhere' should not be confused with the adverb 'everywhere,' which implies that the action or event is occurring in all possible places. The adverb 'anywhere' can also be used as an adjective when it is followed by a noun, as in the phrase 'anywhere phone.'

1. I can meet you anywhere.

2. We can get started on the project anywhere.

3. You can buy an anywhere phone that will work in any country.

'anywhere' should not be paired with words that have a specific meaning, such as 'here.' For example, saying 'I can meet you anywhere or here' implies that there is a choice between a specific and general place. Be sure to use only one adverb, either 'here' or 'anywhere,' to avoid confusion.

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