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apart is also an adjective that means distinct or separate from others. It typically describes a physical or emotional separation from others. For example

'He sat apart from the other students.' or 'They live in two different worlds, apart from each other.'

1. She is an apart figure in the city.

2. He was an apart entity in their group.


as an adverb, 'apart' describes a state of separation in space or a difference in nature or identity. It can indicate a physical distance between objects or a distinction between things or ideas.

The two buildings are 50 meters apart.

They've been friends for years but now live miles apart.

When it comes to politics, their views are worlds apart.

'apart' is often confused with 'a part.' While 'apart' indicates separation, 'a part' means a piece or segment of something. Incorrect 'She wants to be a part from the group.' Correct 'She wants to be apart from the group.' 'Apart' can be used in various idiomatic expressions, such as 'fall apart' (meaning to break or disintegrate) or 'set apart' (meaning to distinguish or differentiate). In the phrase 'apart from,' it means 'excluding' or 'besides.' For example, 'Apart from John, everyone attended the meeting.'

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