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the phrase 'as well as' is an adverbial construction used to express 'in addition' or 'likewise'. It can be used at the beginning, within, or at the end of a sentence to emphasize that something else is included or to draw attention to an equivalent statement.

when 'as well as' is used, it is usually followed by a noun phrase or clause, which often serves to expand the range of the previous sentence's contents. The noun phrase or clause often introduces something that was not mentioned in the first part of the sentence, although sometimes it is used for the purpose of reiterating the gist of the sentence. In either case, the purpose of using this construction is to draw attention to the connection between what came prior and what comes after.

1. We need to adjust the schedule as well as factor in The holidays.

2. He associated with criminals as well as people of questionable character.

3. The team has made efforts to build an infrastructure as well as expand their market.

'as well as' is often confounded with other related terms, such as 'together with'. It is important to be aware of the subtle differences in meaning between them so that you can utilize the words correctly. Additionally, since the construction is usually followed by a noun phrase or clause, it is necessary to pay attention to the grammar, punctuation, and syntax of the sentence to ensure that it sounds and reads properly.

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