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asked is a past form of the verb 'ask.' It can be used to signal the action of requesting something from someone else. This is most often done directly, as in the phrase 'He asked me a question'. It can also be used more indirectly by using a phrase like 'He asked for help' to ask subtly. In the past tense, asked can also be used to directly or indirectly insinuate that something has already been requested like in the phrase 'He asked for help last week'.

asked can be used with or without an object depending on the context. Asked can be used to ask directly or indirectly depending on the context of the phrase.

1) She asked me to help her with her homework.

2) He asked for directions from the store clerk.

3) They asked if we could join them for dinner last night.

asked should not be confused with other words that look similar but sound different, like 'axe' or 'aks'. Asked is pronounced with a long 'a' and a soft 'k' sound.

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