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the word 'at' is mostly used as a preposition.

it is typically used to indicate time, place, or direction in relation to someone or something else. For example, 'The party starts at 7 o'clock' clearly shows how the word 'at' is used to indicate a specific time. The word is also used to describe movement towards a particular place such as 'He was walking towards the park at a leisurely pace'. The word 'at' can be used as a pronoun, most often when referring to a specific individual or place in a general sense.In general, the word 'at' is used to explain the relationship between different variables.

1. She arrived at the stadium just in time for the match.

2. The bus will be here at 9-00AM sharp.

3. He said he'd be waiting at the entrance.

4. He is an expert at painting.

5. She can take on any challenge at work.

It is important to remember that 'at' cannot be used interchangeably with other prepositions such as 'in' or 'on' as they have different meanings. While 'at' can be used to describe time, when referring to a specific time in the past 'on' should be used. For example, 'I saw him on Tuesday'. The word 'at' should also be avoided when referring to the general location of an object – instead, the word 'on' should be used. For example, 'The book is on the table'.

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