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ate is the past tense form of the irregular verb 'eat,' which indicates the act of consuming food.

rules for conjugation of this verb involve dropping the 'e' and adding '-ed' or '-d,' such as 'sing' turning into 'sang' or 'bring' turning into 'brought.' However, when the verb 'eat' is involved, 'ate' is the result instead of 'eaten.'

1. 'I ate a delicious dinner last night.'

2. 'They ate all the snacks before we had a chance.'

3. 'He ate three pieces of cake even though he wasn't hungry.'

It is important to remember to drop the 'e' and use 'ate' as the past tense form, instead of 'eaten.' It is also important to note that 'ate' is different for other irregular verbs, such as 'sing' which turns into 'sang' and 'bring' turning into 'brought.'

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