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atmosphere is a noun that refers to the layer of gases surrounding a planet or other celestial body, such as the Earth's atmosphere. It is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and other elements in varying concentrations. Atmosphere can also refer to an environment or ambiance created by a particular setting or activity. In this sense, it can refer to the combination of people, sounds, smells, and other physical elements that create a certain mood or feeling.

atmosphere refers to the gases and other particles that comprise the atmosphere around a planet or other celestial body. It can also refer to mood, environment, or ambiance associated with a particular setting or activity.

1. The Earth's atmosphere contains oxygen, which is essential for sustaining life.

2. The atmosphere at a concert can be electrifying when the crowd is singing along to the music.

3. The atmosphere on the beach was so peaceful; it felt like time was standing still.

be mindful of the context in which you are using the word. While 'atmosphere' can refer to the literal layer of gases around a planet, it can also refer to the environment or ambiance associated with a particular event or activity.

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