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an attack is a violent threat or attempt to harm someone or something. It is a powerful physical or emotional act of aggression toward a person or thing. Attacks can be physical or verbal, and they involve an intent to do harm.

1. She called the police when she heard the attack outside her window.

2. The military launched a surprise attack on the enemy camp.

3. The city is bracing itself for the cyberattack.

be sure to use 'attack' as a noun when referring to a physical or emotional act of aggression. Do not use it to describe a strong opinion or reaction.


to attack is to initiate an aggressive act, either physically or verbally. It can also mean to criticize strongly or to set out to do something purposefully.

1. He attacked the man for stealing his wallet.

2. The team attacked the goal with a full-out effort.

3. The student attacked the problem with the utmost determination.

be sure to couple 'attack' with an object (i.e. 'attack the man') when using it as a verb. It is also important to remember that 'attack' is only used when referring to a forceful act of aggression or criticism, not a less forceful opinion or reaction.

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