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an attitude is a noun that means a mental position about a certain issue, which may involve feelings, beliefs, and values. It is a set view that a person holds as regards a specific situation or thing. Attitudes typically inform our behaviors and decisions.

attitudes are not necessarily the same as values, although they may overlap. Values are deep-seated beliefs about what is important and right, which may primarily inform one’s attitudes. Attitudes usually express evaluations about certain things, people, or situations, and they may even influence a person’s thoughts and behavior.

1. She has a very positive attitude towards her job.

2. His entrepreneurial attitude made him a successful businessperson.

3. The student’s poor attitude towards her studies resulted in her poor grades.

when used in a sentence, the noun 'attitude' is often followed by a preposition such as 'towards' or 'about' in order to clarify which thing or issue the attitude is referring to. It may also be used to imply either a positive or negative attitude, particularly when coupled with words like 'positive' or 'negative' or 'favorable' or 'unfavorable'.

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