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'authority' can refer to having the power to make decisions, enforce laws, or make judgments, such as the authority of a mayor in a city or a government official. In addition, it can refer to the power to control people, events, or resources, such as the way a CEO has authority over a company. It can also refer to an organization or institution which is an authority on a particular topic.

in English, this word is typically used to refer to authority that exists officially and is granted by a higher power. It is often used to describe a person's or institution's power and reach.

1. The school principal has authority over all the teachers and students.

2. The court has the authority to decide whether or not the accused is guilty.

3. The parent's words carry the authority of an authority figure in their child's world.

when using 'authority,' it is important to differentiate it from 'influence,' which is not as strong as authority. Additionally, when discussing authority, it is important to make clear who is granting the authority, such as a government or an individual. Finally, it is important to remember that authority can be used in positive and negative ways, meaning it should be used carefully.

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