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the verb 'avoid' is used to indicate that someone is deliberately not doing something. It is most commonly used as an action verb, since it can indicate both physical and mental avoidance.

the verb 'avoid' is used in a few distinct ways. It can be used to indicate that the subject of a sentence is deliberately not doing something ('I avoid eating vegetables'). It can also be used to refer to something a subject is trying to stay away from ('I avoid going downtown'). It is also commonly used with a negative to emphasize the intentional nature of a subject’s action ('I never avoid responsibility').

I like to avoid crowded places.

She avoids answering questions.

I avoid discussing politics with my family.

it is important to remember that 'avoid' has a connotation of intentional avoidance. If you want to use the word to indicate a lack of desire ('I don't really want to go to the party') or an inability to do something ('I'm unable to go') it is better to use other terms.

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