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an adjective is a word that describes, modifies, or qualifies a noun or pronoun. When used descriptively to describe someone or something, 'awful' indicates that something is extremely bad, unpleasant, dreadful, or distressing. It can also carry a sense of dread or revulsion associated with it, and can denote physical or emotional pain or distress.

1. 'She was in an awful mood this morning'

2. 'The restaurant food was awful; it was so overcooked.'

3. 'The accident was so awful that I can’t bear to think about it.'

‘awful’ is often used to describe something that is so bad or unpleasant that it evokes dread or revulsion in the listener. As an alternative to convey the same sentiment, ‘monstrous’, ‘appalling’, ‘appalling’, or ‘abominable’ can be used.

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