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banish means to cause someone to leave a place and not be allowed to return, usually as a punishment. It can also mean to get rid of something, or prevent something from being enjoyed or used. Its past tense form is banished, and its past participle form is banished.

to use the verb 'banish' accurately, the subject of the sentence must be causing the action, while the object of the sentence receives the action. The verb can also be followed by someone or something being banished 'from' (e.g. 'banished from the kingdom'), 'into' (e.g. 'banished into exile'), or 'out of' (e.g. 'banished out of the country').

1. 'The leader of the country was banished from his post after being caught in a scandal.'

2. 'She banished all negative thoughts from her mind.'

3. 'The villagers decided to banish the thief out of their city.'

when using the verb 'banish,' it is important to remember that the subject is the person or thing causing the action. It is also important to remember the various prepositions that can come after the verb (e.g. from, into, out of) to add more detail to the sentence.

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