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as a preposition, 'below' indicates the position of something in relation to something else, suggesting that it is at a lower level or layer.

'below' is used to describe the relative position of one thing to another, often indicating that something is underneath or at a lower level than something else.

The fish swim below the surface of the water.

Temperatures will drop to 5 degrees below zero tonight.

The appendix can be found below the main text of the book.

'Below' and 'under' can often be used interchangeably, but 'below' is more likely to be used when referring to levels on a scale, temperatures, or abstract concepts, while 'under' often refers to a physical position directly beneath something. Avoid redundancy. For instance, 'below down' is incorrect; just use 'below.' 'Below' can also be used in more abstract contexts, such as 'below average' or 'below par,' indicating something is less than a standard or expected level.


as an adverb, 'below' describes where something is or where it moves to, especially in a downward direction.

'below' can be used to indicate a position or direction that is lower than a particular point.

The cat crawled below to hide from the dog.

The temperature went ten degrees below.

The village is situated where the mountains slope below.

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