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as a preposition, 'beneath' indicates the position of something being directly under or at a lower level than something else. It can also suggest a figurative or metaphorical sense of being inferior or less important.

'beneath' is used to describe the relative position of one thing to another, often indicating that something is directly underneath or at a lower level than something else.

The treasure was buried beneath the old oak tree.

The mountains had a layer of fog settled beneath their peaks.

His motives lie beneath a facade of kindness.

'Beneath' and 'below' can often be used interchangeably, but 'beneath' sometimes carries a more formal tone or suggests a direct position right under something. 'Beneath' can also be used in more figurative or metaphorical contexts, such as 'beneath one's dignity' or 'beneath the surface,' indicating something that's not immediately apparent. Avoid redundancy. For instance, 'beneath under' is incorrect; just use 'beneath.'


as an adverb, 'beneath' describes a position that is directly under or below.

'beneath' can be used to indicate a position or direction that is directly below a particular point.

The cat hid beneath, avoiding the noisy children.

The ground shook, and the city crumbled beneath.

He looked at the clear water and saw his reflection staring back from beneath.

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