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as a noun, 'better' can be used to refer to the person or thing that is superior in a given context.

Of the two options, the better should be obvious.

When used as a noun, 'better' often appears in the phrase 'the better of the two' to specify what it is being compared to.


as an adjective, 'better' is the comparative form of 'good,' and it is used to describe something that is more desirable, satisfactory, or effective than another.

This book is better than the one I read last week.

She is a better swimmer than her brother.

The better team won the game.

'Better' is irregular; do not use it as 'more good.' Avoid using 'better' to compare more than two things; for that, the word 'best' is appropriate.


as a verb, 'better' means to improve or surpass.

She bettered her previous score in the exam.

He is trying to better himself by taking online courses.

They aim to better their previous sales records.

'Better' as a verb is often used in a context where improvement or surpassing is clearly indicated.


as an adverb, 'better' modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb to indicate something is done in a superior manner compared to another.

'Better' can be used to describe how well someone does something compared to another.

She sings better than I do.

He runs better than he swims.

You could have handled the situation better.

When used as an adverb, 'better' doesn't require 'than,' but the comparison is usually understood.

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