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between can be used as an adjective to denote something that lies between two points, or two states.

It functions to show a relation of being in the middle, or being in the space between two points. For example, 'the between jobs period' denotes the period between having one job and having another job, while 'the between classes time' denotes the time between two classes.

1. She took a between jobs break before applying to her next job.

2. Darren likes to pass the between classes time reading.

3. Grace was in a between states limbo before finally settling down in her new place.

it is important to note that when between is used as an adjective, it should only be used for a period of time, and not for a physical place.


between is a preposition that is used to denote the space separating two or more people, objects, places, or moments in time.

it is always used to show a relation of being in the middle, or in the space between two points. For example, the phrase 'the bridge between two cities' denotes the bridge that stands between those two cities, while 'the time between breakfast and lunch' denotes the time period between those two meals.

1. The river was the boundary between our two towns.

2. She managed to bridge the gap between them.

3. I felt stuck between a rock and a hard place.

when used as a preposition, between is always followed by two or more nouns.

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