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as an adjective, 'bewitched' describes someone or something that is under a spell or enchanted, often due to magic or charm. It can also figuratively describe someone who is deeply captivated or charmed by something or someone, as if under a spell.

'bewitched' is used to modify nouns or pronouns, indicating the state or condition of being under a spell or being charmed.

The prince was bewitched by an evil sorceress and turned into a frog.

She had a bewitched look in her eyes after seeing the mesmerizing performance.

The village believed the old mansion was bewitched, as strange occurrences were often reported there.

'bewitched' often carries a positive connotation when used in a figurative sense (e.g., being captivated by beauty or talent) but can have a negative or neutral connotation when referring to actual spells or magic. It's different from 'bewildered,' which means to be confused or perplexed. The term became especially popularized by the American television sitcom 'Bewitched,' where it referred to a witch who marries an ordinary man and tries to live the life of a typical suburban housewife.

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