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a noun 'birthday' is the annual anniversary of the date on which a person was born. It is celebrated in numerous ways across cultures, with many developing a tradition of gift-giving and special meals on the celebrant’s birthday.

a birthday is always written as one word. A birthday is a noun that typically refers to the day on which a person was born, although it can also be used to describe the anniversary of any event (i.e. 'the birthday of their marriage.')

1. I'm having a small get-together for my birthday.

2. My little brother is so excited for his birthday.

3. We celebrated our 5-year anniversary with a special birthday dinner.


adjective 'birthday' is used in an attributive manner. It describes another noun by indicating that the noun is related to or associated with a birthday.

'birthday' can be placed directly before another noun to modify it, indicating a connection to the celebration or acknowledgment of the anniversary of someone's birth.

She wore a special birthday dress for the occasion.

I bought him a birthday card with a heartfelt message inside.

They surprised her with a birthday cake topped with candles.

when 'birthday' is used in an attributive manner, it's not technically functioning as an adjective but rather as an attributive noun. This is a common feature in English where nouns modify other nouns, like 'chicken soup' or 'car door.' It's essential to differentiate between the primary noun function of 'birthday' (e.g., 'Today is my birthday.') and its attributive use (e.g., 'I received many birthday gifts.').

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