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blue is a noun that refers to a cool primary color, the emotions of sadness or disappointment, and a wide range of other objects, events, and conditions associated with being blue. This noun can describe a person’s state of mind, a certain kind of weather, animals, plants, vehicles, locations, and experiences.

1. Bob wore blue to the party.

2. The woman felt blue after the news of her dog’s death.


blue is often used as an adjective, particularly when describing things of a singular color rather than a series of colors.

1. With blue eyes, she gazed into the mirror.

2. He felt a deep blue sadness after the accident.

3. She decided to paint the room a nice blue color.

Be careful when using blue to refer to an emotion or feeling in a sentence. It should typically be used as an adjective. For example, 'She felt blue' is grammatically correct, but 'She felt the blue' would not make sense. Additionally, when describing objects or things that have more than one color, 'blue' should not be used; for example, 'She wore a blue and white dress' should be changed to 'She wore a dress with blue and white colors.

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