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British is a noun that describes a person belonging to, or associated with, the United Kingdom. It is often used in reference to either a British citizen, or to someone of British descent, although its use can also encompass cultural traits or references related to Britain, such as its language or the British Royal Family. Grammatically, it is an attributive noun, meaning it is used to describe another noun (e.g. British culture, British people).

1. Many famous authors are British.

2. She has a very strong British.

keep in mind that when used to describe a person, the term is considered a descriptor rather than an ethnicity; it is important to differentiate between British people and Britishness, and to not to assume any associated stereotypes.


British is also an adjective that describes something belonging to, or associated with, the United Kingdom. It is used to describe British culture, people, or items, such as British food or artifacts. Grammatically, it is usually used in predicate position after a linking verb (e.g. to be).

1. The historic artifacts are very British in design.

2. She is very British in her outlook.

3. His accent is unmistakably British.

when used to describe a person, it is important to use it in a neutral, non-judgmental context; it is not meant to be a value judgment or to stereotype an individual. It can also be used to describe something that is seen as 'typically or traditionally' British, such as slang, culture, or even fashion.

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