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the word 'but' can be used as a noun to refer to a limit, restriction, or prohibition. It is often used in phrases such as 'there is no but' or 'there is no but to it.' This means that there are no restrictions or limits on something. For example, 'We stayed up all night with no but.' This sentence means that there were no restrictions on when we would go to bed.

I tried to make excuses, but there was no but.

I can't believe there is no but for us to go on our dream vacation.

There is a big but to this plan - it requires a lot of money.

The use of 'but' as a noun is primarily in spoken English. In written English, do not confuse 'but' as a noun with 'but' as a conjunction.


the word 'but' can be used as a preposition to indicate exclusion. It is typically used to emphasize the absence of something or to describe a situation in which someone or something is not included. For example, 'Everyone else went, but not me.' This sentence implies that the speaker was excluded from the activity.

1. All the other cats were taken home but this one.

2. She had so many clothes, but nothing to wear.

3. Everybody left, but me.

The usage of 'but' as a preposition implies exclusion. In addition, when using 'but' as a preposition, remember to include the object of the preposition after it.


the word 'but' can be used as a conjunction to indicate a contrast, exception, or condition between two phrases or sentences. It is commonly used with the word 'though' to indicate a contradiction or contrast. For example, 'I like apples, but I like oranges more.' This example sentence implies that apples are liked, and although oranges are also liked, they are liked more than apples.

1. I wanted to go to the park, but it was raining.

2. Though he was ill, he had to go to work.

3. I wanted to stay for more, but I had to go.

Do not mix up 'but' as a conjunction with 'but' as a preposition. The usage of 'but' as a conjunction is to indicate a contrast or exception between two sentences or phrases.

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