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as a noun, 'call' can refer to a variety of concepts, from a vocal shout to a telephonic conversation, or even a judgment or decision in certain contexts.

'call' may refer to a vocal shout or cry to attract attention or to convey a particular message, a telephonic conversation or the act of dialing someone's phone number to speak to them.

A decision or judgment in specific contexts, especially in sports or financial markets, a visit or brief stop at a place.

I heard a call for help coming from the alley.

I'll give you a call tomorrow to discuss the details.

The referee made a controversial call during the game.

We made a quick call at the grocery store before heading home.

the phrase 'a close call' is an idiomatic expression meaning a narrow escape from danger or disaster. 'On call' refers to being available to be contacted or to work, especially in professions like medicine.

'Call' can also refer to a person's inner urge or a divine vocation, as in 'a call to the priesthood.' Don't confuse 'call' (noun) with 'call' (verb). For instance, 'I received a call' (noun) vs. 'I will call you' (verb).


the verb ‘call’ is often used in its present-tense form as a transitive verb. This means that ‘call’ is taking an object (i.e. the thing that is being called); in some cases, an indirect object can also be used (e.g. 'I called her name').

1. I call my best friend every Monday.

2. She is calling her doctor to make an appointment.

3. Grandma called all of us kids into the living room.

when using the verb ‘call’, double-check whether you need to use the object (e.g. ‘her’, ‘it’, ‘him’). Pay attention to the tense of the verb; it should match up with the timeframe of the action being taken. To emphasize the action being performed, you can use an adverb to modify the verb, such as ‘loudly’, ‘quickly’, or ‘gently’.

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