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came is the simple past tense of the verb 'come'. This verb describes the action of a person, place, thing or situation arriving at, entering, or approaching a particular place or situation. As such, it is used for when a person arrives at another’s house, when something of significance happens, when someone moves to mastery of a skill or concept, and so on.

as a simple past tense verb, it is used for indicating that a previously occurred event or action at a particular point in time in the past. For example, 'I came home late last night.'

1. We came to the beach to relax.

2. He came up with a clever solution.

3. I came down with a cold this morning.

a common mistake made while using this verb is confusing it with the simple present of the verb. For example, saying 'I come late to school every day' instead of 'I come late to school every day.' It is also important to note that it can be used in the passive voice, for example, 'The food was came here at six o’clock.'

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