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the word 'can' can be used as a noun, typically referring to a sealed container typically made of tin, aluminum, or plastic that is used for holding food or drink. For example, canned soup, canned fruit, canned vegetables, etc. The plural form of 'can' is 'cans'.

1. I can't find the tomato soup - can you help me look?

2. That restaurant only sells canned vegetables - there's no fresh produce.

3. I have a case of soda cans that I need to get rid of.

make sure to use the plural form of 'can' when referring to multiple objects, and always use the indefinite article ('a') when referring to a single object, as in 'a can of soda'.


the word 'can' can also be used as a verb, typically expressing possibility, permission, or physical ability to do something. The verb form of 'can' is usually conjugated in the present tense as 'can', but can also be used as 'could' in the past tense.

1. You can visit any time - you don't need to make a reservation.

2. She can swim for miles.

make sure to use the appropriate conjugation of 'can' for the specific context in which you are using the word (can/could. Additionally, bear in mind that when expressing possibility, the modal verb 'can' should be used; if expressing permission, 'may' should be used instead.

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