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a canteen is a room or premises where food, snacks and drinks are sold. It is usually found in places such as schools, universities, factories and offices. The canteen can also be used to refer to the food and drinks items available in the room.

when used as a noun, the word 'canteen' is typically used to refer to the space, either physical or virtual, where food and drinks are sold. Additionally, the word can be used to refer to the items themselves that can be bought from the canteen.

1. I'm going to the canteen to buy a packet of chips.

2. The canteen at our school has a great selection of sandwiches.

3. I'm taking my lunch from the canteen today.

when using 'canteen' as a noun, it is important to note that the word can be used to refer to both the space, such as a canteen room, and the food and drinks that can be bought from that canteen.

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