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'capital' can be used as a noun to refer to a city that serves as the seat of government of a political entity, such as a country or state. It is also used as a synonym for capital letter, and in other contexts to refer to wealth or assets in the form of money, property, or resources. Lastly, it can also refer to a capitalized investment or assets (financial or otherwise) that has been invested in a specific venture.

when referring to a city, capital is typically used with an article or a possessive adjective (i.e. 'the capital' or 'my capital') and the word itself is not capitalized. When capital city is meant, the word is to be capitalized. When referring to wealth or assets, capital can be used without an article and the word itself is typically not capitalized.

1. The capital of France is Paris.

2. Have you made any capital investments in the stock market lately?

3. My capital Letter in English class was always an A.

when referring to financial capital or assets, note that capital is usually used as an uncountable noun (e.g. 'His capital has increased exponentially'), so take care not to say something like 'many capitals'. Additionally, when capital is used to refer to assets or property, note that it has connotations of risk, so be mindful of the context in which it is being used.


as an adjective, 'capital' describes something that is most important, primary, or of the greatest significance. It can also refer to something related to capital (as in finance) or to a capital city.

'capital' as an adjective can refer to indicating primary importance or significance, pertaining to financial capital or assets, or relating to a capital city or its residents.

He made a capital error in his calculations, leading to a significant loss.

The company is seeking capital investment to expand its operations.

The capital region has seen rapid development in recent years.

'capital' as an adjective is different from 'capital' as a noun. For instance, 'London is the capital of the UK' (noun) vs. 'The capital city is bustling with activity' (adjective). In British English, 'capital' can also be used informally as an adjective to mean 'excellent' or 'first-rate,' as in 'That's a capital idea!' Don't confuse 'capital' with 'capitol.' 'Capital' can refer to a city, wealth, or an uppercase letter, while 'capitol' specifically refers to a building where a legislative body meets.

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