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a cast is a group of people who perform together in a show or a production. It can also refer to the set of characters who feature in a television show, movie, play, novel or other type of dramatic work.

1. 'The cast of the play was excellent this year.'

2. 'The casts of our favorite television shows have changed over the years.'

3. 'The cast of the opera was well-received by the audience.'

it is important to note that when referring to a group of people, the plural form of the word is 'cast' (not 'casts').


the verb form of this word means to throw or to fling.

1. 'She cast the stone into the lake.'

2. 'He cast a line into the water and waited for a bite.'

3. 'He cast a suspicious glance in her direction.'

this verb can be confused with the verb 'cast,' which means to assign or select a person for a role. Mind that it's an irregular verb and all the forms aren't changeable.

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