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celebrate is a verb which expresses an action. It's used to describe an event or occasion of joy that is marked by friendly gatherings, activity, or ceremony. Celebrate can be used to express a personal joy or describe public events, such as birthdays and holidays.

its usage rules largely depends on the context. When used to express general congratulations, it is often followed by 'for' and a subject. When used to express joy, it is often followed by a direct object.

They celebrated her birthday with a party. (expressing joy)

He celebrated the victory with a marching band. (expressing joy)

They celebrated for the successful launch. (expressing general congratulations)

We celebrated for him on Father’s Day. (expressing general congratulation)

when using celebrate to express joy, make sure the direct object is concrete or tangible, such as a person, place, or thing. When celebration is used to express general congratulations, make sure to use 'for,' instead of 'of,' which is often mistakenly used. Celebrate can also be used intransitively, with no direct object, for example, 'we celebrated all night.'

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