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a 'change' is a modification or transformation which can affect any type of entity, whether it be tangible or intangible. It implies that something has moved from one state to another.

rules and use cases associated with the word 'change' when used as a noun include

it must have a subject that undergoes the change, and its verb form must always be 'change' instead of 'changes'.

1. He noticed the change in her attitude.

2. She needed a change in her life.

3. The change in the weather had a profound impact.

when used as a noun, the word 'change' usually appears in the singular form. Common mistakes include using the word 'change' in the plural form or using the wrong verb form with it (i.e. 'changes').


when used as a verb, 'change' describes the act of transforming, modifying, exchanging, or substituting.

when used as a verb the subject that performs the action must be specified and it must have a recipient of the action as its object.

1. She changed the broken tire.

2. The government changed the law.

3. He changed his mind about going to the beach.

when used as a verb, the word 'change' is usually conjugated in the past tense or present continuous form. Common mistakes include not specifying the subject that performs the action or not including its recipient as an object.

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