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a noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. In the case of the word 'character,' it can refer to a literary or dramatic figure, a personality trait, or a distinguishing feature or quality.

She has a strong moral character.

He works hard to portray believable characters in his plays.

This rare coin has a unique character.

an important tip to remember when using the word 'character' as a noun is that it is often preceded by an article ('a' or 'the') or an adjective (e.g., moral, believable, unique).


an adjective is a word that modifies a noun or pronoun, typically by describing a quality or trait of the noun it modifies. 'Character' can be used as an adjective to describe something that has qualities typically associated with that of a person or working of fiction.

He wears a comic book character t-shirt.

She is known for her character-driven storytelling style.

This graphic novel has a captivating character arc.

when using the word 'character' as an adjective, it is important to remember to use it in front of the noun it modifies and that it cannot be preceded by an article (e.g., a or the).


a verb is a word that expresses an action, event, or state. 'Character' can also be used as a verb in the sense of 'portray' or 'depict.'

She will character her version of the dish for the cookbook.

They are eager to character the new play with their unique style.

when using 'character' as a verb, remember to use it in the present or past tense and that it should never be preceded by an article (e.g., a or the). Additionally, it is important to note that 'character' can only be used to refer to characters in the artistic sense and not actual people.

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