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The noun form of 'check' refers to a printed bill, indicating the amount of money spent, or a money order for the same amount, paid as a debt, or received as wages. It is usually in written form, such as a check written by a customer and presented to a bank. It is also used as noun to name the act of testing, examing, verifying or inspecting.

1. Please write me a check for the amount you owe me.

2. I need a quick check of my engine.

3. The customer received a check from the store for the items he returned.

common mistakes related to the noun form of check include confusing it with other related terms such as 'invoice' or 'receipt'. Additionally, check as a noun should not be used as a verb in any context.


the verb form of 'check' is an action word which means to examine something in order to see if it is correct or has any errors. It is commonly used to ask someone to verify information such as a statement or number. As a transitive verb, 'check' takes an object.

1. 'The teacher asked the student to check her work for any mistakes.'

2. ' Check your email to find the answers you are looking for.'

3. ' Please check that all the items are there before you leave the store.'

common mistakes associated with the usage of the verb form of check include confusing it with other words such as 'control' or 'double check'. Additionally, check is often used as an informal substitute for 'ask', which is more appropriate in formal contexts.

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