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the noun 'childhood' refers to the period of time between infancy and adulthood in a person's life.

1. 'My earliest childhood memories are of summer days spent playing in the park.'

2. 'The final months of childhood are always bittersweet.'

3. 'My mentor was instrumental for me in my childhood.'

a common mistake is to mistakenly use the plural form. Childhood as a noun doesn't have a plural form.


the adjective 'childhood' references something that pertains to a child's life.

1. 'The author wanted to evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia in her readers.'

2. 'I can still remember the childhood joy of going on vacation with my family.'

3. 'The artwork was inspired by childhood memories.'

common mistakes include using the noun form instead of the adjective form and using the adjective before the noun instead of after the noun.

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